Advisory Board

Purpose and Mission

The Kink Knowledgeable Program provides professional training and development as well as educational outreach to professional communities. The purpose of the Kink Knowledgeable Advisory Board is to bring additional expertise, perspective and resources to the development and expansion of the Kink Knowledgeable Program to include medical and physical health practitioners, as well as legal professionals.

The mission of the Kink Knowledgeable Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide insight, oversight and input into developing exceptional professional training products.
  • Ensure innovation and creativity for products and services.
  • Network with appropriate groups, associations, and individuals.
  • Connect with other appropriate professionals.
  • Foster networking with other professional training providers internationally.

Initially the Kink Knowledgeable Advisory Board will focus on psychotherapeutic mental health professionals. Our goal is to get the Kink Knowledgeable Program certified for those seeking continued education credits (CEUs).