Education – Becoming Kink Knowledgeable

The Kink Knowledgeable Program is an extensive program designed to take participants not only through the cultural nuances involved in the practice of BDSM from a sex positive psychotherapeutic perspective but also integrate this knowledge into professional practice.

The courses are structured in three incremental parts in order to customize learning objectives:

Part I: Foundations of BDSM
Those who simply want a solid understanding about BDSM and its various sub cultures can work through Part I: Foundations of BDSM. this is a prerequisite for taking Part II and III.

Part II: Therapeutic Considerations
Experienced mental health practitioners can choose to complete Part II: Deepening Understanding of BDSM which aims to deepen clinical best practice in respect to broad psychotherapeutic issues that may emerge with this population.

Part III: BDSM Expertise
Those wishing to develop expertise and becoming kink knowledgeable can choose to complete the classes in Part III which further deepen more specialized understanding of BDSM practitioners and their issues.

Our goal is to get the Kink Knowledgeable Program accredited for professionals seeking continuing education units (CEUs) from mental health and social work  professional organizations.