Kink Knowledgeable Program™

Rachel Robbins

Rachel is a licensed psychologist in California. She currently maintains a private practice in San Francisco focusing on 2 primary specialties: gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity; and trauma recovery. She has extensive supervisory experience as a clinical training director, and supervisor of groups and individuals in clinic and private practice settings. She is currently an adjunct supervisor at the Pacific Center in Berkeley, California, providing culturally competent supervision to trainees working with queer, transgender, and sexually diverse clients.

She has presented lectures on bisexuality and polyamory for the UC Berkeley human sexuality licensing requirement seminar, and on lesbian identity for the San Francisco State University Human Sexuality Masters program. Rachel is a board member and Director of Direct Education at San Francisco Sex information, where she has experience supervising volunteers; providing sex education; contributing to lesson planning around sexuality, mental health, and trauma; and developing and maintaining policy manuals.