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Cal Domingue

Cal Domingue, LMFT, is a San Francisco-based Marriage and Family Therapist with a long personal and professional history grounded in diversity. He is trained in and has achieved recognition in multiple fields: psychology clinical practice; psychology supervision (MFTIs, ACSWs, Psychology interns); technology; education and training (for both psychology and technology); bodywork; and classical singing. Cal has served as a supervisor of psychology interns for the California Pacific Medical Center; he was President and webmaster for Gaylesta, an LGBT Therapist Association for 8 years (; he is also a member of Kink-Aware Professionals ( ) and of Bay Area Open Minds ( ), an organization of therapists who support all expressions of gender, sexuality, & sexual expression.

Cal has an active private practice as a psychotherapist; his original training focused on Psychodynamic and Feminist therapy; through internships he received extensive additional training in Narrative Therapy Brief Time-Limited Dynamic Therapy (TLDP). Post-licensure he has continued to learn and expand his skills; he is trained & experienced in EMDR and in Hakomi, a somatically-based form of psychotherapy. In his practice, Cal applies a non-pathologizing approach and works with clients regarding relationship issues, sexual growth, polyamory, leather & kink, alcohol & drug use, work issues, and other life challenges. He has a long history of working with clients in the LBGBT, BDSM, & poly communities, and continues professionally and personally to explore ongoing developments in these communities.

Cal’s experience as a trainer & educator is extensive. He has offered classes & workshops on a number of topics in the technology field since 1987, both in person and as Web-based presentations. As a psychotherapist he was sought out as a trainer even before his final licensure, and has consistently provided that service ever since – to agencies and organizations and at conferences. Training topics for therapists have included Working with HIV/AIDS, Working with Young Clients; Working with Couples; Self-Care for Therapists; and Socioeconomic & Cultural Considerations in Therapeutic Work. Within the BDSM/Kink field he has presented on Coming Out as Kinky; Depression in the Gay Men’s Leather Community; Kink-Identified Gay Male Polyamory; Kinky Men with ‘Vanilla’ Partners; and Neurochemicals, Self-Care & Aftercare for Kinky Clients.

Cal currently resides in San Francisco with his long-term partner of 28 years and is proud to serve his Sir of 3 years. He is an active & visible participant in the SF gay leather/kink community.