Kink Nerdz

Kink Nerdz

Kink Nerds is an initiative of Kink Knowledgeable devoted to furthering the ethical research of the Kink community. Our vision is to foster a new generation researchers who have a powerful voice and self-agency aimed at changing perceptions about kink in the clinical and research world.

While research in the area of kink is growing, the need for research out strips the ability of research institutions to accommodate all the areas and fields requiring scholarship.  In many areas, clinical practice

Kink Knowledgeable, through its advisory board is providing guidance and coaching for emerging graduate students on

  • Areas needing critical research in the field of kink
  • Building relationships between emerging researchers and members of the kink communities
  • Fostering appropriate platforms for collaboration among emerging kink related researchers internationally

Kink Nerds aims to further the advancement of safe and ethical psychological research of, and for, mental health professionals working in the field of kink as well as the broader kink community.  It intends to create a safe space where fellow researchers can come together to collaborate, ask questions, and engage with each other’s research.

How can you participate
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