Webinar Series

Kink Knowledgeable Webinars (KKW)

Kink Knowledgeable is committed to building a growing network of Kink Knowledgeable clinicians and researchers.  Towards this end, we are delighted to bring to you a series of webinars on current topics related to kink.  Each month Kink Knowledgeable will present topic on kink issues by different kink knowledgeable clinicians and or researchers.

These webinars will be hosted by Kink Knowledgeable and streamed live each month via zoom.

Monthly Webinars

  • Webinar Title: “I’m not alone and not a freak”: The 5 stages of kink identity development Webinar Date: 8:00am PST, September 28, 2018. Presented by Sam Hughes. Sam will be presenting his research on the five stages kinky people go through in their lives when coming to terms with being a kinky person. Watch Sam discuss

Webinar Schedule

Webinar Date Webinar Title Webinar Presenter
October - to be confirmed Consent violations NCSF Update. Susan Wright
November - to be confirmed Kink Clinical Practice Guidelines. KCPG panel
December - to be confirmed Ponies, pups, furries. Panel discussion
January - to be confirmed BDSM and Trauma. Rachel Robbins
February - to be confirmed Kink & Spirituality. Panel discussion

All webinars will be streamed live via Zoom Conferencing at 11am PST  2pm EST  4pm BST

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