Three Significant Research Papers

It is our pleasure to congratulate Richard Sprott on having recently had three papers published in the space of two weeks in July 2017. Richard is the executive director of CARAS and a member of the Kink Knowledgeable Advisory Board.  He has a case presentation on working with kink and poly couples,  a paper on Kink Identity exploring how kink sexuality becomes an avenue for exploring gender and sexual orientation, and a literature review of health disparities among kinky health practitioners.

Sprott, R. A., Randall, A., Davison, K., Cannon, N. & Witherspoon, R. G. (2017), Alternative or Nontraditional Sexualities and Therapy: A Case Report. J. Clin. Psychol., 73: 929–937. doi:10.1002/jclp.22511

Sprott, R. & Randall, A. Curr Sex Health Rep (2017). Health Disparities Among Kinky Sex Practitioners. Current Sexual Health Reports, pp 1–5

Sprott, R. A., & Benoit Hadcock, B. (2017). Bisexuality, pansexuality, queer identity, and kink identity. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 1-19.

Watch this brief interview in which he talks about this work and its significance.

These papers provide a valuable ongoing conversation about kink identity and kinky sexuality and health.  Richard can be reached at for more information.

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